Sustainability is everything and everywhere. We are committed to support and sustain the great work of our artisans. As a brand, we want to play a role in keeping the craft of beading alive for future generations. We intend to help safeguard it by developing new products designed for our customer based on these ancient techniques.

We are constantly encouraging and inspiring our customers to engage with us as a fashion brand on a deeper level than a transaction of money and goods, since there’s a story behind each product. Sustainability, social entrepreneurship and a love for Latin American culture is not a phrase, it is the vision behind every bead and every hour of the work we do.

We believe our glass beaded products can last forever and be passed over to next generations if treated right. Product quality and a long lasting design is the essence of less waste and sustainability.

We should all strive to take good care of our belongings, we should not own things we dont use, we should recycle, share and re-use. As founders we are constantly aiming to develop the best alternatives for the planet, our company and customers.

As a consequence we want to enable a process of recycling as part of re-investing in another Marmaclub item. Some of the unique advantages with glass beads are the ability to mix, match, cleanse and re-use.The returned item will be torn apart and its beads utilized in a new product, or it can be cleansed, upgraded and re-sold. It should be fine to renew your look without feeling guilty.

For recycling, get in touch at to get the instructions on how to move on.