Waste and Recycling



We believe our glass beaded products can last forever and be passed over to next generations if treated right. Product quality and a long lasting design is the essence of less waste and sustainability. We should all strive to take good care of our belongings, we shouldn´t own things we dont use, we should recycle, share and re-use. As founders we are constantly aiming to develop the best alternatives for the planet, our company and customers. As a consequence we want to enable a process of recycling as part of re-investing in another Marmaclub item. Some of the unique advantages with glass beads are the ability to mix, match, cleanse and re-use.The returned item will be torn apart and its beads utilized in a new product, or it can be cleansed, upgraded and re-sold. It should be ok to renew your look without feeling guilty.



For recycling, get in touch at hello@marmaclub.com to get the instructions on how to move on.