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The birth of Marmaclub began with Marie moving to Mexico City and Kristi living on the opposite of the world, Oslo. The desire to join cultures and combine two different design styles became real in 2020. Created and founded by daughter and mother. Female owned and female founded. 

A Norwegian sustainable fashion brand, focusing on bags, deeply anchored in the Latin American culture of Chaquira beading. Founded by Marie Guldberg together with her mom, Kirsti Øberg. Designed and produced in Latin America inspired by their Norwegian roots, and handcrafted by carefully selected, experienced artisans keeping the ancient chaquira technique alive. The timeless design and everlasting materials will carry your daily essentials, and be a playful gesture to any outfit. 

Marmclub celebrates the unique combination of Latin American craftsmanship with Nordic design. We are continuously developing new sustainable styles and products shaped by the powerful influence of two different cultures. We aim to introduce valuable products to our old and new friends all over the world. We are proud to say that each bag is 100% handmade. All products are made out of glass beads to help decrease our carbon footprint and take sustainable actions as a small brand.

We are committed to support and sustain the fantastic work of artisans. As a brand, we intent to keep this craft alive for future generations. We want to help safeguard this profession, making it sustainable for all parts involved. We are constantly encouraging and inspiring our customers to engage with us as a fashion brand on a deeper level than a transaction of money and goods, since there’s a story behind each product. Sustainability and social entrepreneurship is not a phrase, it is the vision behind every bag and every hour of the work we do.  

The design is created by our Norwegian creative director, Marie Guldberg, living in Mexico City. The purpose is to create products that defines the nordic design characteristics with the Mexican technique of the chaquira beading. Our handmade production is done in communities in Mexico, by our valuable team, collaborating together to create the best product as possible. All products are hand beaded over the course of days by artisans who thrive by their craft and heritage. We will continue to expand our capacity to work with communities by growing as a sustainable business. 

We believe that glass beaded products can last forever and be passed over to next generations if treated right. This is the essence of zero waste and sustainable solutions of taking care of that we have. We aim constantly developing the best alternatives for our team and customers.

As a consequence we want to enable a process of recycling as an option when re-investing in another Marmaclub item. Some of the precious advantages with glass beads are the ability to cleanse and re-use.  

For recycling, get in touch at to get the instructions on how to move on.