MarmaClub was born as a small, family-owned business by designer and daughter Marie, who is based in Mexico City, and mamma, Kirsti, living back in the motherland, Norway. Longing to find common creative ground that would open up for more shared time, the two brought their strengths in design and business together to create MarmaClub.

The desire to combine Mexican craftsmanship with Scandinavian aesthetics came when Marie moved from NYC to Mexico City in 2018. The qualified artisans who have worked with the chaquira beading technique for generations made producing the products a fun journey. Mixing the different cultures, designs, and techniques into a real product was a dream come true. Constantly working to expand our beloved team and products, we keep sustainability as a main focus.

About our products: 

The products are designed with 100% recycled glass beads and handmade in communities in Mexico by female artisans that we love and care for.

The bags are hand beaded over the course of three days by women who pour their heart and soul into their artisanship. We will continue to expand our capacity to work with great artisans by being able to provide a good living for their craft and bring new styles and designs of chaquira into the world.

About our sustainability practices:

We are proud to say that each bag is 100% handmade without the use of machines that harm the environment. All products are made out of recycled glass beads to help decrease our carbon footprint and do our part to create a cleaner and healthier world. 

About our ethics:

Being a company run by family and close friends, we believe that it’s very important to give the deserved credit to the artisans who craft our products. The talented artisans who create our bags are the backbone of our brand and are considered part of our family. MarmaClub is thankful for all the inspiration the Mexican culture gives to us, and know it's important to share this craft with all of our friends around the world.