Large Fringe bag


This bag can carry a lot, it is strong and you can use it for your computer and lots of other heavy stuff. We use it almost every day to carry whatever needed.

As always in 100% handmade chaquira beading artwork made by artesanos in rural communities in Puebla, who put their heart and soul in each bag. Combining the Norwegian design with Mexican craftsmanship and heritage makes this bags magic, something you have never seen before. The bag is made of beautiful  glass beads, a magnet lock and Berkley’s Fireline Fishing double thread to keep the desired quality and durability.

body h36 x w33 cm
handle 55 cm 
fringes 20 cm

Considering all the products are handmade, please be gentle with them and don’t let any heavy goods nor sharp objects ruin these pieces of art. Treat them with love and carefulness and they will serve you forever <3<3

Handmade items might have small variations in size. Keep away from small children, this is not a toy.